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The technique:

In an asymmetrical body can appear muscular, nervous abnormalities.
It is easy to observe the clinical signs of a postural imbalance, a difference in height between the shoulders or the shoulder blades. The frequent origin of these deviations is a bad positioning of the pelvis.
A shorter leg  ? This is what we can often hear. But what cause  ?
About 90% of the population is affected. It is very rare for the cause to be congenital or due to a growth problem. A fracture, degenerative disease or surgery can reduce the length of a leg. But most of the time it is a distortion of the pelvis.

The effects of pelvic distortion  :

This compensation will cause various evils  : neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees etc…
This tilting of the pelvis affects the spine, which can induce scoliosis, lumbar lordosis, dorsal kyphosis and various muscle, ligament and joint tensions.
The following consequences due to a pelvic distortion are osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and damaged joints.
The spine and the organs are connected. Organ function is regulated by autonomic nerves that communicate with the spinal nerve. However, if the spine is deformed and the nerves compressed, the organs can develop diseases.
Distortion occurs throughout the body when the center of gravity is deflected by the shifted pelvis.
Therefore, a balanced body on a daily basis helps prevent disease and maintain good health.



Thank you for what you sent !


I did not know the Hodoki treatment at all. After a fall on one knee followed by physio sessions, pain persisted. After each treatment these pains are less important just like other tensions in the whole body. I am delighted with the care given by Annick who unblocks tense points and redefines the energy in these areas. All parts of the body are cared for: back, stomach, ear (tinnitus), pelvis, ... I go to her regularly to treat the tensions accumulated over the years and maintain my body in good energy, thank you Annick!



Madeleine Bornet

After trying various therapies, I think I have found the one that works best for me! This therapy treats all parts of the body. After a few minutes in the hands of Annick, I feel the energy circulating again throughout my body, I release tension and feel great. I can only encourage you to discover this therapy! Thanks Annick!

Veronique Perroud

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