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·      Back ache ?

·      At the neck?

·      At the joints?

·      Stiffness & Tension  muscular  ?

·      Imbalance  of the pool?

·      Difference  leg length?


Correct your structure to end back pain  !


The course of a Hodoki session

Before starting treatment  Hodoki, a meticulous anamnesis is carried out during the first appointment, in order to take note of your state of health and to avoid any contraindication opposing the treatment.

During the session, our practitioner uses wave techniques,  vibration, joint mobilizations and adjustments.

The person remains dressed preferably with a flexible outfit and the session takes place on a comfortable Futon

Correct your structure to end the pain.

Untangle them  deep tensions with Hodoki vibrations.

Free  vital energy in your body.

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